Painting Techniques teaches you a broad range of methods to control the application and manipulation of paint. Starting with basic skills and progressing to advanced painting techniques using watercolor, acrylic, oil, gouache, gesso, ink, pastel and charcoal. You will learn simple techniques for mixing colors, softening edges, glazing, applying washes, masking, brush lines, all the painting techniques to put you in control of the medium you choose.

These are fundamental skills that you will refine and add to as your confidence increases. Play with these ideas – there is no absolute right or wrong way, it’s all about the end result. 

Painting Techniques also examines the best and most cost effective ways to mount, frame, varnish and present your finished work. There is information on setting up your workplace, whether it be a small table or large studio, this section will help you get the most out of your painting space.

We will examine the importance of drawing as a skill in itself and as a foundation for painting.

Painting Techniques

  • Brushwork        _________________________Basic skills to get the most out of your brushes
  • Mixing and Applying Paint  ______From tube to palette to paper – tips to make painting easier
  • How to Mix Colors ______________  A simple approach to understanding the mixing process
  • Drawing   _______________ No matter what you paint drawing is the inescapable foundation
  • MixedMedia _______Combining watercolor, gouache, ink, pastel, acrylic collage and charcoal
  • Presenting Your Work ________Framing, Glazing, Varnishing – ways to display your paintings
  • Where to Paint ______________________ Tips for a functional, effective Studio or workplace