Blue Shutters


This is one of those subjects that are great fun to paint, the drawing is simple, the colors vibrant and the results always pleasing. Because of the simplicity, it is also a subject that begs you to experiment.

As well as having a lot of fun producing a painting you will be proud of you will learn all these skills that will carry over into everything you paint…


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Rather than simply copying what is in front of us we will exaggerate detail in some areas and eliminate it in others to put more interest into what is a static, geometric subject.




To get started, click on the blue tab below, pay just $9.95 with PayPal or Credit Card, then watch the video as often as you like. Follow the simple step by step instructions to create your own exciting version of Blue Shutters. You will learn lots of interesting new techniques along the way.

You will also receive additional, related images to practice and reinforce the skills and techniques you have learned painting Blue Shutters.



Blue Shutters

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