Just $9.95 gives you unlimited access to one of these great watercolor Instant Art Video Projects

  • Instant Online high definition art video
  • Unlimited Access – No time limit – Watch as often as you like.
  • Complete Step by Step Instructions
  • Full PDF Printout
  • Materials List
  • Authorisation To Use Copyright Material From That Project
  • Additional Images To Extend What You Have Learned
  • All Online – Get Started Immediatly!


Wild Red Roses


A beautiful, simple subject, great fun to paint and full of interesting shapes and textures. Join me in learning how to take advantage of that wonderful contrast between the ancient, weathered facade and the wild red roses


Waterfront Reflections

proj6tnJoin me painting this beautiful little waterfront village in the South of France. Learn new skills and techniques with a simple, straight forward approach suitable for all skill levels.


Snip Snip Snip


This ancient pair of garden shears make a fantastic painting subject. Years of wear and tear, plus numerous adjustments to make them as comfortable as they are practical, have given them a character way beyond their original appearance. Join me in capturing this character with just 3 colors and a handful of brushes


Resting Trawlers

Resting Trawlers Instant Art Video ProjectIn this project I will show you a great way to make drawing, even the most difficult subject, simple and effective. We will then use just three colors to produce this vibrant painting. Includes bonus video “Drawing boats Made Easy”


Blue Shutters
Blue Shutters - Instant Art Video ProjectThis is one of those subjects that are great fun to paint, the drawing is simple, the colors vibrant and the results always pleasing. Because of the simplicity, it is also a subject that begs you to experiment.


Calm Water
Calm Water - Instant Art Video ProjectCalm Water uses three transparent watercolor washes to build up a luminous backdrop for this relaxing subject. We will use ink and a soft gesso glaze to capture the calm, atmospheric nature of the subject.


River Landscape
River Landscape - Instant Art Video ProjectRiver Landscape guides you through the process of building up layered watercolor washes, controlling and adjusting edges and creating impact with color and contrast. This painting technique produces great results and provides great control over the final outcome.



What are Instant Art Video Projects?

Instant Art Video Projects are a growing collection of start to finish, step by step instructions aimed at quickly producing successful results and teaching important techniques that will carry over into all you paint.

Each Art Video Project is unique, and only available here. They are not included on any previously released DVD’s. All Art Video Projects include additional images, allowing you to extend what you have learned through the video and step by step demonstration.

Each Art Video Project has a complete, start to finish, set of step by step instructions, a 10 to 15 minute, high definition video and a pdf print out – all online, so you can get started right away.

How much do they cost?

$9.95 not only gives you complete, on going, unlimited access to the Art Video Project, it also gives you permission to use all the copyright material included in the project to produce your own paintings. 

How to get the most out of the Instant Art Video Projects

Start by watching the video, then read through the notes – this gives you an understanding of how things fall into place before you get started. Once you start painting you can run the video and stop and start it as you progress.

Downloadable PDF

The PDF file can be printed out and kept in a portfolio. As well as captioned stills of all the important steps in the project, the PDF has photographs of the finished painting and the reference photo for you to refer to as you paint.

The PDF also includes related photographs for you to use to create paintings using similar techniques and methods after you have completed the project.

You will find the PDF download link by scrolling to the bottom of the page once you have purchased the project.





Author: John Lovett